S.I.L.C.A. S.p.A. carries out industrial activities designed to reach excellence in the manufacturing and trading of its products. Our past confirms how, in more than 40 years of activity, we showed great professionalism in all the fields we operated in. The goal that S.I.L.CA. imposes itself each day is based on satisfying the production and trading standards that our clients demand, so to improve during the years the production and development of meat products for each specific market segment.
The industrial activity of S.I.L.CA. S.p.A. includes two areas of interest:
- Manufacturing
- Trade


The trade sector is divided in the following categories:


S.I.L.C.A. S.p.A. qualifies in the bovine industry as importer of meat exclusively coming from third countries, in particular South America (Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay) and recently from Southern Africa (Botswana). Our range of products includes frozen and fresh bovine meats.
Regarding frozen products, the cuts on the catalog are mainly boneless cuts of thighs destined for the meat industry, more specifically for the manufacturing of “bresaola” and cured meat.
On the other hand our fresh products are mostly meats destined for direct consumption. These products are represented by the refined bovine cuts, in particular those of the boneless loin (roast beef, filet, rump and entrecote). Our frozen meats are imported by S.I.L.C.A. S.p.A. with the registered brand “Royal Beef”, guarantee of control and quality for these products.

Suggested temperature for conservation is -18 degrees °C for frozen meats.
Suggested temperature for conservation is +1 degree °C for vacuum-sealed packages.


The trade of pork meat mainly revolves around frozen and boneless cuts of loin. These cuts are supplied by the best European producers who are able to guarantee constant quality, high level of hygiene and cut uniformity. Restaurants, canteens and communities are the final consumers of these products.

Suggested temperature for conservation is -18 degrees °C.


Our range of products includes fresh and frozen sheep meat. Their origin is mainly from New Zealand considering the meats coming from this area present high standards of quality, hygiene and organoleptic properties.
Regarding the frozen product line, the cuts of meat are presented in anatomical parts such as loin, thigh and shoulder. These products can be packaged vacuum-sealed or in a modified atmosphere.
Frozen products contain the same cuts as the fresh ones but allow to preserve the meat for a longer period.

Suggested temperature for conservation is - 18 degrees °C for frozen meats.
Suggested temperature for conservation is + 1 degree °C for vacuum-sealed products or for meats in protective atmosphere.

Rabbit and poultry meats

Chicken and rabbit meats, both breasts and usual cuts, are available in all the different cuts that the consumers request.
These meats mainly come from the EU but for some cuts, such as breasts, productions from third countries (Brazil) are preferred.
They are only supplied frozen.

Suggested temperature for conservation is - 18 degrees °C.


Selected meats of deer, roe, boar and hare, divided in retail and catering packages, allow us to fully satisfy our clients, who deem these meats as an essential addition to their activities.
These products are not usually intended as consumer goods, therefore we believe that the quality of these meats represents an essential and distinguishing element of the supply.
The origin of these meats is mainly European, but some specific cuts are Extra-European, such as the deer thigh (New Zealand) or the hare (Argentina).

Suggested temperature for conservation is - 18 degrees °C.