S.I.L.C.A. S.p.A. carries out industrial activities designed to reach excellence in the manufacturing and trading of its products. Our past confirms how, in more than 40 years of activity, we showed great professionalism in all the fields we operated in. The goal that S.I.L.CA. imposes itself each day is based on satisfying the production and trading standards that our clients demand, so to improve during the years the production and development of meat products for each specific market segment.
The industrial activity of S.I.L.CA. S.p.A. includes two areas of interest:
- Manufacturing
- Trade


The manufacturing is structured in different branches:

Precooked frozen food

The main culinary preparations are traditional and typical dishes of the Lombard and Italian cuisine. One common feature is the absence of additives and preservatives in the preparations: in this way the dish can be fully savoured in its culinary peculiarities. One classic example is represented by the frozen “Ready-made tripe” where the only preservative is the cold.

Fresh offal

These are preparations intended mainly for supermarkets, for the direct sale to consumers. The production of cooked tripe and bovine tongues, both cooked and “pickled” are prevalent in this branch.
This group can be divided into two categories:

Cooked tripe:
Includes, in addition to the actual tripe, also the honeycomb tripe which is supplied in different packages. These packages can be for the retail market (0.800/1.2 kg) aimed at the sale to consumers and in catering packages intended for supermarkets and butchers who then divide them according to the needs and demands of their consumers. It is possible to supply both the entire product and the tripe cutted in stripes, ready for cooking.

Bovine tongue:
Bovine tongue is treated with spices and herbs which allow the product to flavour after some weeks of aging. When the tongue is treated this way it is called "pickled". The distinctive taste which derives from the boiling is very appreciated in dishes during the colder seasons. The bovine tongue is not only prepared "pickled" but also cooked. It is packaged in a vacuum-sealed transparent or aluminium bag which allows the consumer to heat it directly in the pot.


Our product line essentially includes packages of cooked bovine tripe destined for canteens and communities which use the mas ingredients or as the main dish for their culinary specialties.
Freezing the products immediately, after the cooking, allows to maintain all their organoleptic properties and represents an essential quality component for future preparations.
The packages include both entire and also cut tripe in cartons of different type and weight (5/20 kg).