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Silca, masters of imported meat

Source: Platinum "Business Leaders", four-monthly - year 3 - number 6, Monday 22 March 2010, Il Sole 24 ORE Business Media S.r.l.

Silca, the Saronno company guided by Giorgio Nespoli, Felice Nespoli and Mauro Galimberti, sells imported meat all over Europe and directly processes beef offals, offering fresh or frozen products. Silca is first of all a company that supports wholesalers and supermarkets, with high quality cuts originating from South America (beef) and from New Zealand (sheep), which are guaranteed by the company‘s ability to follow the product from the raw material to the sales point. The chain is completely monitored and certified by comprehensive labelling, which completely protects the consumer. In Italy sales are taken care of by representatives, with an organization based on homogenous areas. Europe is covered either directly or through agents. The German office Handelsagentur Köln Bonn GmbH in Bad Honnef-Rhöndorf is very important and it has the exclusive sales rights for the fundamental markets of Germany and Austria. Originally Silca products, which are identified by the penguin in the logo, were mainly frozen. The increased company skills have made it possible to move the core business towards fresh food. 50 million Euro in sales in 2009 and 7.000 tons of meat sold are the numbers for this successful business. The intention is to increase its market share in Europe, complying with the evolution of the market, determined by the aging population and the composition of the population itself. In any case, the quality and the biological origin of the product are always essential points that Silca will never disregard.

Frozen products are not easy to prepare. They are also a fast way to lose weight.
Here are 13 nice dishes we tried for you.

Source: Men’s Health May 2001.

In this piece by Paola Branbilla, two of our frozen dishes are promoted and highlighted on the monthly magazine Men's Health.

Ready-made tripe SILCA: The first one to taste it was our colleague Massimo Catelli, who knows a lot about tripe. No, not because he has problems with the scale, not at all, but because he comes from Tuscany where tripe is a popular dish. After having licked his fingers, he says: “The vegetables sweeten the rich taste of the tripe. Nice”.

Braised flavoured SILCA: Put it in the oven, tune into the football channel on the pay tv and here is a fantastic Sunday. For little money you can eat nice slices of tender beef, with no trace of fat, drown in a delicious vegetable purée.

Italian Tradition

Source: by Edoardo Raspelli for Casaviva, March 1996, Mondadori Group.

Ready-made frozen tripe, produced by Silca, via Varese 2/a Saronno (Varese), net weight 600 grams, cost 5480 liras. A great plate of the Italian gastronomic tradition. Produced without the addition of preservatives and colourants. The taste is full, rich, strong and juicy. As Edoardo Raspelli's piece on Casaviva says, “Here is a juicy, ready-made, fast and tempting dish”. The journalist then adds, “It is prepared as the god of gastronomy commands” stressing how light the dish is and its nutritional features. Raspelli finishes the article with a general judgement of our tripe: “A nice meal, light and and thus low on fat”.

Ready-made meals

Ready-made meal is a synonym for convenience and quality, but also for varied and tasty menus, maybe uncommon or regional. Here are some offers that you can enrich and personalize with our suggestions.

Source: Vivere in cucina, 1982.

Ready-made tripe SILCA: For this rustic meal we suggest a special presentation. After having prepared the tripe following the instructions on the packaging, roast some slices of homemade bread in the oven and arrange them on the bottom of some terracotta bowls (one for each guest). Put a bit of tripe in each terrine and serve hot accompanied with a rich red wine. It will be a perfect and tasty meal for a dinner with friends.